This is a chart of ZIP's estimated daily shipping averages by month. Note that these are derived from the shipping sequence numbers on my own shipments, and not from any information provided to me by Since I have no way of knowing whether my shipment is at the beginning or the end of a day, and so I have to put in a bit of a fudge factor, but it should be a decent guess.

The spike in August 2004 may be exaggerated due to my lack of data points for the entire month, but there was a ZIP growth spurt during that time (longtime customers will remember the customer service problems during that period).

The dramatic September 2005 jump is due to the takeover of customers from VHQonline (and to a lesser extent MoviesForMe).

The decline from February 2006 represents the introduction of shipping limits - not only would they have lost some customers, but they would have been sending slightly fewer discs per month the those remaining.

The spike for September 2006 may be in part lack of data during my vacation, but is also probably due to the re-introduction of unlimited shipping in the 3/$25 unlimited plan.