ZIP Inventory Statistics

Updated Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at 10:17 PM

Here are some statistics on ZIP's inventory. Please note that I have no direct access to ZIP's database, and these should be considered unofficial approximations.

70989 valid listings

55423 - stocked

13169 - "On Order" (12903 > 60 days) [The 13,000+ titles added in June are slowly arriving.]

  121 - "Pending" - unreleased but with known release dates

 1772 [1731 + 41] - TBA - either never released on DVD, or may be "Out of Print"

  374 - "Searching For" - has the "binoculars" icon

  130 [122 + 8] - Out of Print? [ZIP shows a release date, and no "Rental Availability" section]

Based on random sampling of the 13,000+ additions from June 2007, an additional 0 or so of the On Order titles are likely now in stock.

ZIP's explanation of the various status codes had be found here. "Ready To Order" seems to be unused - all titles appear to be ordered as they are added. Some DVDs may be out of print, and ZIP is either unable to obtain them, or their copies have all been damaged or lost. While they can and do obtain these in many cases on the used market, they seem to be tending to mark them as "TBA" instead of "Searching For" in the database, leaving customers no easy way of telling whether the title has previously been released on DVD.